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The Love Shack

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  2006.06.18  16.27

Weddings are the shit! Esspecially ones with more booze then 500 people could drink!!! Drunk dancing was fun too!

Mood: drained

  2006.06.16  16.19

Im done with school for now. Took two finals today and most likely failed one of them... I hate art history and everything about that class! The only good thing about that class was a very pritty girl sat next to me everyday. Summer is here. Work full time begins. Money earning starts! All money goes to college... :'( Little free time except weekends so all yall better call me on weekends! Oh im going to a luaow sp* "hawiian party" It will be fun! Lots of free food and alcohol! It will be grand!


  2006.05.18  18.14
drunken adventures

so last night Lex, Dave and I were sitting around watching tv and we got bored so we decided to drink. That is nothing new for us, we are college students ya know... but after drink and socializing for a while we once again got bored. So we thought to ourselves, "what could we do?" Then the brillian idea of hiking up saddle rock came. At this time it was around 2 am. We were really drunk so it seemed like a brilliant idea. So about an hour later we were at the top of saddle rock drinking some more and celebrating our journey that we were on. With the celebrating we all began drunk dialing like it was going out of style. After we ran out of tasty beverage we decided to go back to Dave's house. So we began i decent down saddle rock and I decide I will take a short cut straight down the mountain... oh man was that horrible. Sliding, falling, getting cut, brused and bleeding everywere I finally made my way to the trail at the bottom of saddle rock. Then it was the mile or so walk back to Dave's then the drive home. Made it home around 5am, got about 2 hours of sleep then went to school, then work, and now home yet again. Oh man am I tired. Time to go to football practice!!! I can't wait!!! and by cant wait I mean, dont want to go... Oh wow this went on forever

Mood: tired

  2006.04.11  19.36

summer really needs to get here!!!

this shit is driving me crazy!!!


Mood: bored

  2006.03.28  11.25

I PASSED MY CLASSES!!!! I was freakin out because i didnt know how i was doing in most of my classes. I did some major slacking off this last quarter and was kinda giving myself a panic attack.

In the end i got C, B+, and 2 A's YAY!!!!

Time to go celebrate!!!

Mood: chipper

  2006.03.07  22.51

this quarter really needs to end! I dont think im doing to hot in two of my classes. I need spring break, i need some more energy, i need something good in my life. I just feel down all the time... :( it is kicking my ass.

something that is good is my first football game is this weekend down in oregon. Im excited about that! i am confident about what i can do on the field and im ready to show it and kick some ass!

Mood: depressed

  2006.03.04  03.49

I love you all! Today wenatchee, tomorrow Ellensburg to see the tanja! yay!

Mood: always horny

  2006.03.01  00.08

update on my life...

1. not sick anymore...yay

2. finished 8 page final report for psyc...yay

3. 10 more days till my first football game...in oregon blah

4. always tired and have no motivation for school right now or the past few weeks

5. still single but that is ok i guess

6. registered for next quarter, chem 110, art 124 or something, and philosophy with stowel= easy. this schedual is a little bit better then the 4 200 level classes im taking right now! thank goodness!

7. i think that is it right now. everyone out there have a nice day!

Mood: horny

  2006.02.22  22.01

wowzas, My headache is finally gone...thank god or some other higher power out there :D I made it to one class today lol Yeah im cool. I think im going to go to 2 classes tomorrow and skip the one that I have a speech in and say I have a doctors appointment because apparently the word got out that I was in the hospital and my teachers found out so they are basically letting me skip which is bad ass. I have lab tomorrow at 8 which will be homosexual like none other...well maybe like Elton John but that is a different story.

I feel so incredably tired all the time and every time I eat I feel light headed and like im going to pass out and or throw up. I dont know what my body is doing but it is deffenatly no fun. Im going to ask my dad to take me to the doctors some time here so i can get tested to see if i have diabetes. It runs in my family and everyone basically got it in their late teens to early twenties...im 20 so i think im fucked. My brother, cousin, aunt, and grandma all have it so i wanna get checked. I really think i might have it and that is going to sucks right out loud because i hate needls... they make me wanna pass out. Oh well, i will live. i hope lol.

At least tomorrow i get to play some racquetball, so that will make me happy and i think i will lift some weights then go to football practice. It will give me something to do then just sitting around my house doing nothing all day.

This quarter of school really needs to end and have me pass all my classes. I have become really lazy lately and it is just about to catch up with me. I have all these projects due and havent started any of them yet...Im so fucked. If it wasnt for deadlines i dont think i would ever get anything done. PROCRASTINATION IS AMAZING!!!!!!

Mood: light headed and weak...

  2006.02.21  09.22

so i still have that same headache, it is going on 3 days now and i have had enough of it. I am now sick too! Feeling all weak and my throat hurts and my fucking head wont stop pounding! Oh and i just fucking missed my mid term cuz im too sick!


  2006.02.20  00.55

my head is going to fucking explode!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mood: irate

  2006.02.19  19.17

my head hurts and im bored...that is about it. Oh and the movie "Date Movie" is the worst movie ever made...it was the biggest waste of money except i got to hang with Tanja and Floyd for a while.

Mood: exanimate

  2006.02.18  13.04

so i wake up this morning in a bed. I thought this bed was mine but i was way off! I was in some random bed in a random room in a random house...with no pants...lol I was very confused.

Mood: lethargic

  2006.02.16  19.46

Today has been long! I had lab at 8...so early! then some racquetball, then some comm. Went and worked out...Today was a core day which mean nothing but abbs and mid to lower back. I freaken did abbs for an hour and a half. My tummy hurts, but at least it looks hot! lol

Then later tonight at 9 I have football practice till 11...barf but it is good for me i guess :/

Tomorrow will be fun i think since i DONT HAVE SCHOOL!!! so for all of you none cool kids that don't go to WVC I laugh at you! hahahahaha Tomorrow will be full of beer and getting really drunk! My friend Dave and i are having a little challenge between ourselfs... We are seeing who can drink the most beers in one day! Don't worry, im not an alcoholic...but dave is! Well not really, but he does drink probably every other day or every third day. On the other hand i only drink like once every other week! Im a good healthy kid except for tomorrow...sorry liver, you need to be strong for me buddy! lol

off to get some food then to the dreaded practice!....

Mood: horny

  2006.02.15  20.07

Im happy now! Tanja finally received her gift i sent her! YAY!

Well besides that I really got nothing. I did the whole school thing today...boreing then worked out for a bit...also boring and now him here...still being bored... *I think i like"..." too much lol*

Have a good day! :D

Mood: still horny...

  2006.02.14  21.57
another failed attempt

Oh V-day...my brilliant plan almost worked...almost. The one thing that could go wrong did...the special someone wasnt there to sign for their package that i sent them....:( Well that is what the UPS package tracking thing said. It sucks! so this person will most likly get their valentine gift tomorrow...a day late! sucks but hopefully she will still appreciate it! :)

Besides that little incodent the day was rather boreing. I skipped two classes today, not for any reason besides being lazy...i still went to racquetball though cuz it just kicks ass...i love that sport!

hopefully tomorrow i wont be so lazy and actually make it to class!

Mood: when arn't i horny?

  2006.02.13  23.00
update 3 in 3 days...something must be wrong lol

freakin football practice at 9pm is really shitty!!! oh well i guess if we are getting better then it is good. Monday sucks so much. I have class from 9am till 445pm...it sucks so much balls and i live to far away to go home inbetween classes...gas is still expensive. God damn oil being all lacking and expensive like! Those prices should just go to hell!

anyways tomorrow will be better! or will it? it is the dreaded valentines day that every single person HATES! I for one being single will find something to do or else...*and by else i mean doing absolutly nothing* but i will have fun tomorrow no matter what! that is the plan anyways...

I have decided to try to keep up a daily post. I dont know why but i just feel like i should. I always read everyones' but i never really post. So i will let you into the world of zeke a little more often now :)

Mood: horny

  2006.02.13  00.19

well today was a big waste of my time cuz i did absolutly nothing productive. I layed around and slept all day or played on the comp or watched tv...yeah im cool! Jealous? should be!

this weekend was really full of nothing. Friday i actually did stuff. Went ice skating and to a movie with a few friends but that was it. I didnt really have that great of a time. Saturday i ran some errands and did some shopping for some people then i went to football practice. I think it will be a good season this year. I so kicks ass at practice! I felt real good afterwards. My coach is helping me out to go play college football which im stoked about. Ive been training really hard for walk on tryouts and for this season with the rams. I have bulked up to 225 lbs. I think im in the best shape of my life right now and i feel good about that. I run about 2 miles a day and lift weights 5 days a week. yay for me I guess...lol

school is going good i guess. Im still in all 4 of my classes at wvc. Ive got one more quarter then im done. Then i get to go to central. Im rooming with Dave Loudon and maybe someone else if we can find a cool enough person lol Oh, my football team might come to central and play the second string central football team. So that means the coaches get to see me kick there players asses so they can give me a scholarship or something lol. Im excited!

...so this valentime day stuff sure sucks when you're single eh? Oh well, Hope everyone has a good one!

Mood: horny

  2006.02.12  13.38

Love is one fucked up emotion!

Mood: relieved

  2006.02.02  14.09
happy birthday to me!


Mood: horny

  2006.01.30  12.17

slept in a bit...missed 2 classes and a lab...fuck!


  2006.01.21  19.31

going to central, need an appartment and maybe another room mate...

seahawks play tomorrow im excited...and that is all i got bye bye

Mood: horny

  2006.01.16  20.25

So yeah, it has been a while since ive updated. This past weekend was amazing! Lots of great friends, Canada, snowboarding, clubs, bars, drinking, hot tub, an amazing place where we stayed. So much fun!!! So me and 11 of my friends went up to Big White ski resort for the weekend. This is the fourth year they have went and i was invited to go this year. We stayed in a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, shalle. This place was amazing! top of the line everything! Air hocky table, 2 huge tvs, full sterio system, and a private hot tub! It was in walking distance from everything. It was right in the middle of the resort. I will probably have a bunch of pics later and all of you will be jeaouls! Except Travis...cuz he went too! I can't wait till next year!

oh ps, I got excepted to WSU and CWU....don't know where to go yet.. :-/ it will come to me and i know i will make the right choice.


  2005.12.13  18.23

i fucking hate kw3 and fucking simple plan. The fucking song is stuck in my head and it wont leave, cuz ide do ANYTHING bitch and moan, bithc and moan, Im so emo, Ide do anything! except get laid cuz im so emo! The sad thing is, I actually know the words...Does anyone have a gun i can barrow and a bullet they will give to me? If so that would be swell. So i can kill the owner of kw3 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, give me a few rounds and i can get simple plan too!!! Who's in?

Mood: bitchy

  2005.12.13  12.18

Just got my grades and I passed!!!! Yay!!! I recieved two A's and two B's for my valiant efforts...lmao. I didn't even take one of the finals and I still pulled a B out of the class. I am officailly a bad ass i think or im just really lazy. I think it is the second of the two.

I'm happy! This made my day!

Mood: horny

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